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Winding Path,
by Silver Spur Award winner
Martha Tannery Jones

Winding Path
Finley, born May 20, 2015!

Books by Donna Cooner

I Know An Old Texan Who Swallowed A Fly
Easy Reading Non-fiction
Product Code: 777-140
Twelve Days In Texas
Easy Reading Non-fiction
Product Code: 460-850

Meet Donna Cooner

Donna Cooner, Ed.D. is the author of over ten books for children---including regional, religious, and mass market titles.  A former elementary teacher and administrator, Dr. Cooner is currently a teacher and educator at Texas A&M University.  She has taught writing to both children and adults and is a frequent speaker at schools and writing conferences. She lives with her dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Max, and a cat named Mischief in Bryan, Texas.