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Winding Path,
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Winding Path
Finley, born May 20, 2015!

Texas Hero

Name: Bryan Degner
School: Boerne Middle School North, Boerne, TX
Position: History and Pre-AP History Teacher

Contribution: Mr. Degner is a dedicated and captivating educator, ideally placed in a position to positively influence young teens. He fosters an interest and appreciation of American History among his students by bringing history to life. Unlike the stereotypical History professor propped behind a podium, Coach Degner frequently dresses in character to introduce students to important historical figures and events. His characters, coupled with a wonderful sense of humor, naturally attract and spark his students' interests in History.

He encourages young people to explore historical events, and enables them to make connections to present day, which is essential to raising our country's future leaders. Above all, he encourages a strong work ethic, holds students to high standards and values, and fosters patriotism among the members of his classroom. Under his guidance, Mr. Degner's students partake in the National History Day Fair, a national essay contest, and a Revolutionary War reenactment complete with costumes and on display for the community to enjoy. Each summer, he leads a group of students to Boston and New York, to witness, and experience, the locations of historical events covered the previous school year. These projects alone demonstrate Mr. Degner's commitment to educating our youth, for the time he devotes to these efforts is above and beyond the natural demands of the classroom. I am grateful that my son has the opportunity share the wonders of our nation's past through the guidance of an educator like Mr. Degner.

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